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Cool. Just the word alone brings the refreshing thought of beating the summer heat. That’s why it’s important that your air conditioner be in top running condition. It’s also important that the unit is sized properly for your house. Crain Heating and Cooling has the experience and expertise to fit your home with the right unit and keep it running for years. We are your source for installation, sales, and service of air conditioners in Metro Detroit.

Experts in Air Conditioners

Installing central air conditioners involves many factors. Crain's trained technicians can help you avoid pitfalls and pick an HVAC unit that's right for your home and your budget. For instance, installing a unit that is too big can result in high humidity inside your home and a risk of mold. Too small and you won't get the cooling you desire.

Energy efficiency is also a huge consideration in relation to the cost. While the cost of an energy efficiencient unit with a high SEER factor (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) may be higher initially. In the long run, the higher efficiency unit will probably save you money. An experienced installer from Crain can help you sort through the options.Furnace Installation

Finally, another consideration is, do you even need a new ac unit? Maybe the air conditioner you have can be tuned or adjusted and continue to meet your needs. Either direction you choose to go, Crain Heating and Cooling can help you make an informed decision.

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