Zone Control Systems

HVAC Zone Control Systems for Livonia, Redford, Plymouth, Canton & Surrounding Areas

If your home is like many others then you’re probably only able to set one temperature throughout your house.  Even if you’re only using your bedroom or your living room and kitchen, you still have to cool or heat your entire home just to stay comfortable in those rooms.  However, with a zone control system from Crain Heating and Cooling, homeowners can set the temperature in different areas of their home independently of each other.  This is a huge advantage for homeowners in reducing the amount of energy that you use in your home.
3 zones - zone control systemsZone Control Systems are designed to allow homeowners to retrofit their existing HVAC system so that they can heat or cool certain sections of their home independently of the rest.  Zone control systems can be retrofitted into your current ductwork using a series of dampers that guide the heated or cooled air to the zones that you want to heat or cool.  The dampers are then wired to a central control panel that you can control.  If you have a typical forced–air heating and cooling system like central AC, a furnace or a heat pump, then you’re likely only able to set one temperature for your entire home.  However, with zone heating and zone air conditioning installation from Crain Heating and Cooling, you’ll be able to more specifically target your heating and air conditioning efforts to specific areas of your home.

The zone control experts at Crain Heating and Cooling offer quality repair, installation, and maintenance services of zone control systems throughout suburban Detroit.  Crain is proud to offer total zone control service for all makes and models of systems.  If you need a new zone control system installed, or if you need repairs for your current zone heating and cooling system, just give us a call anytime (734-469-5180).

Contact Crain Heating and Cooling to discuss how our zone control systems can give you peace of mind year-round.   Don't forget that all of our zone control systems ---- sales, service, and installation are covered by the Crain Family Guarantee.